Lighting Design

Here are some of my thoughts on lighting design.
I love color in light.  Whether a piece calls for icy shades of white or brilliant, bold color choices, color is one of my favorite tools to embrace as a lighting designer.   I simply love striking compositions with vibrant color.
Timing in lighting design is crucial.  Compositions can flow seamlessly from one into another or jar you into the next moment before you know what hit you.  I studied violin as a child and my sense of timing, rhythm, tempo, and movement has developed over many years through the study of music and lighting design.
I believe communication and collaboration are at the heart of lighting design.  My greatest designs have been achieved through working closely with awesome collaborative team members.  I am able to communicate effectively with a variety of directors, choreographers, musicians, other designers, stage managers, shops, and crew members.  This is essential in mounting a beautiful production on time and within budget.